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personal marketing plan template

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Do you happen to be a new business owner looking to get your startup off the ground? If so, you came to the right place. Your target audience is out there. All you need is an effective marketing strategy and a strong digital marketing plan template so your personal brand can shine and turn into a thriving success it was always meant to be. Perfecting your marketing strategy is lot easier than you think it is.

Now you may already have your own personal marketing plan, but the template you can download below, the free templates plus reading through this article will ensure you know the exact marketing strategy you need to implement so you can reach your target market and start working with your ideal customer.

The 15 Steps To You Need in Your Personal Marketing Plan Template

The 15 steps are:

Executive Summary

SWOT Analysis

Target Audience

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Brand Persona

Online Presence Audit

Content Strategy

Networking Strategy

Personal Website/Portfolio

Social Media Plan

Email Marketing

Personal Development

Metrics & KPIs

Budget & Resources

Timeline & Action Steps

Executive Summary

An executive summary is a very detailed overview of a personal marketing plan template. It serves as a guide, typically concerning the key elements and objectives within your personal marketing plan template. It can be as long as you want, depending on your business’s needs and goals. Here’s a breakdown of what an executive summary usually consists of:

Business Overview:

  • Briefly introduce your company, it’s mission statement, and it’s core values. You want to focus on developing your call-to-actions or (CTAs).
  • Summarize your industry, market position, and competitive landscape. You want to make sure you’re differentiating yourself from the other competition.

Market Analysis:

  • You want to make sure that you’re spotting trends and opportunities. Even challenges so that way you can know when to pivot and make overall changes.
  • These marketing tactics involve keeping up with insights within your target market.

Marketing Strategies:

  • The best marketing strategies always involve having a simple effective marketing plan template. Don’t overthink it. Your strategy should include SEO, social media or paid advertising.
  • Your personal marketing plan template also involves your unique selling proposition (USP), which we will get into soon.

Let’s go over the benefits of why having an executive summary for personal marketing plans is the first thing you need to do in your personal marketing plan template.

Clarity: If you barely understand your business no one else will. Clarity is so important for people to understand your business quickly.

Alignment: No matter where you are in your business plan, eventually other people will be getting involved in your marketing team or venture. You have to make sure that any future person who comes on board your next marketing department or marketing team not only understands your entire business plan well, but share the same marketing goals you do.

Efficiency: Being efficient in your personal marketing plan template will get you to your marketing goals faster. Remember your own life is filled with miscellaneous endeavors, so when you do get time to work on your business or simple marketing plan template, you want to utilize that time as best as you can.

Strategic Focus: You will be able to leverage the time you put into your business by making sure your focusing that will move the needle the fastest.

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is a planning tool that allows you asses other organizations. It essentially is a competitive analysis. This is an effective personal marketing plan because it includes looking at a company’s internal weaknesses and strengths. As well as opportunities and threats of your competitors company as well. The goal of a SWOT analysis is to determine how their current business plan is going and developing strategies to gain insights on how their own personal marketing strategy or template is going.

By conducting a personal SWOT Analysis companies have the ability to gain internal and external improvements which are great marketing initiatives you need to know within your business. This allows for proper recognition, therefore, companies can adapt and plan strategies to mitigate risk. You can use a SWOT analysis in just about any field.

Conducting SWOT analysis’s are necessary for every business model, it could also be your ultimate guide dependent on your research discovering. They help make more informed strategic planning, well informed decision making and goal setting. Overall, it’s how you make future decisions in your business plan. Which is why it is necessary to complete in your personal marketing plan template.

A SWOT analysis is this:

Strengths: This is the internal attributes, skills and resources that a company or organization is preforming well in. Companies with a lot of strengths typically have a competitive advantage in their respected space. Having a strong online presence, leveraging technology, and having effective automated systems in your business are all examples of having really strong business skills and strengths.

Weaknesses: Weaknesses stop an organization from performing at its optimum level. These are areas where businesses can improve significantly in order to remain competitive.

Opportunities: Opportunities are opens or chances for something positive to happen within a business, but you need to be able re evaluate them to discern for yourself if the opportunity is worth adding to your business plan.

Threats: Threats are external factors or challenges that can potentially harm a business or organization or hinder it’s overall progress. Some threats can include competitive pressures, economic downturns, regulatory changes, or shifts in consumer preferences.

Target Audience

Finding your target audience involves doing market research to find a specific group of individuals you’d like to serve. Finding your target audience involves figuring out your target demographic. Your target demographic is where your target market is located, how old they typically are, their race and ethnicity current job,, and marital status are all examples of demographic data.

Finding your target audience also involves figuring out their psychographic data which typically is a quick summary of your target market share, markets lifestyle, values, morals, beliefs, etc. Understanding this data will help you connect with your market on a deeper level which results in effective communication which leads to you solving their pain points, creating smart goals, and having an overall better more effective marketing plan.

Your personal marketing plan template is centered around developing, finding, and employing strategies around how you can reach your market faster and start building your authority with your target companies and market. Connecting with your target audience will be a long time frame because your personal brand will have to be developed and curated as well.

Below, I listed a few tips on how you can connect with your target audience effectively:

  1. Build a social media marketing plan: Building a personal marketing plan in regards to social media will be the fasted way to build a relationship with your audience. Put together a social media calendar and be sure to post on a consistent basis. Eventually your target audience will connect with you.
  2. Put together a digital marketing campaign: Put together a digital marketing plan template on how you can reach your target audience. Different platforms have different people so really deep diving into who you’re trying to serve will give you some insight on what platforms you should be using to funnel these people into your online presence.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

A unique selling proposition otherwise known as a unique value proposition is the unique distinctive feature and compelling aspect of a product or service. It’s what makes your offers stand out amongst your competition. This is an essential part of your entire plan and personal marketing plan template because without a unique selling proposition their is nothing that sets you apart from the other businesses competing in your space.

Think of any of your favorite personal brands, take Tony Robbins for example. He is known for being a life coach, creator and mentor for thousands and thousands of people. How did he get there? He got there by being himself and having a fantastic marketing strategy. Their is so much power in your very own unique attributes. That’s why branding yourself is the smartest move because once people know you for you, you’ll be able to morph, change, and go in any direction you’d like because your value proposition is so unique it stands out from any other personal brand or organization.

In the personal marketing plan template, I show you an example of how to create your marketing plan example your own unique selling proposition.

Brand Persona

A brand persona or brand personality is a set of human characteristics and traits attributed to a brand by making it more memorable, relation and more likable overall to it’s target audience. A brand persona involves creating certain qualities, values, and characteristics to create a distinct and unique identity that prospects and consumers can connect with on a personal level. Nrand personas turn into buyer personas.

Here are the key elements of the brand personas:

Personality Traits: Personality traits play a big part in the buyer persona because this is what we call your likeableness. Your likeableness is how fast and effectively you are getting people to love your brand. How fast can you make some laugh or smile? How fast can you deliver valuable information to your market. The goal is to achieve likeableness as fast as you can. Creating likeableness is a lot easier than you think and you can do it if various different ways.

Values: What does your personal brand stand for? What are your values, ethics, morals. What causes do you support. Don’t make the mistake of only involving yourself and your own attributes. Align with causes who support your mission statement and always be a force for good within your space. People are more willing to put their money to support cause’s they love. So make sure your company has values.

Voice and Tone: Your tone of voice is very important. How does your target audience speak to each other. Many business owners make the mistake of speaking how they want towards their target audience. You cannot do that. You have to speak in a way that resonates with your market. Anything else will be like white noise and they will not listen.

Visual Identity: What colors do you use? What fonts do you use? Having a consistent theme across your online presence will not only make you memorable, but it will be easy for your market to identity and feel your personal brand. Feel your personal brand is something I tell my students all the time. A personal brand is an emotion, it’s how someone feels and what they experience landing on your online presence. You want to make sure that you’re imprinting on your audience because if you’re not they will not listen. Again, your presence will be like white noise.

Target Audience Alignment: Your brand needs to resonate with the preferences and values of your target audience. You really want to listen to what the market is saying. Whoever is best at listening to their space will gain the most followers. Resulting in a bigger tribe with more people you would be able to serve.

Consistency: Being consistent is the most important brand persona element because you can always evolve. That’s one of the best things about digital marketing. Everything you do can be improved upon, but if you stop all together you will get no where and the audience you’re trying to build will go to someone else who puts in the time, effort and stays consistent.

Online Presence Audit

An online presence audit helps organizations, brands and companies identify areas where they can improve and enhance their online visibility, reach, and impact. This is an valuable tool for making informed decisions regarding when developing their marketing plans or updating their personal marketing plan templates. This comprehensive assessment involves evaluating and reviewing all the digital assets, content, and activities associated with an a company physical product or entity on the internet to gauge their effectiveness, consistence, and alignment with company strategic goals

Here are the key elements of an online presence audit:

  1. Website Evaluation: You want to look for how you can enhance or make the overall design better, user experience, load times, mobile-friendliness, and overall content quality. You want to make sure it aligns with your branding and business objectives.
  2. Social Media Analysis: You want to review your social media presence which should include how frequently you post and looking into metrics that track your overall engagement.
  3. Content Review: You want to complete a content review which is all the content on your website, blog and social media channels. You want to make sure all this content is relevant with your brands message and persona.
  4. SEO Assessment: You want to make sure you’re evaluating your search engine optimization efforts which include keyword optimization, meta tags, and backlinks.
  5. Online Reputation Check: You want to make sure you’re monitoring your online reviews, emotions, comments and any other forms of social media engagement.
  6. Competitor Benchmarking: You want to compare your online presence and activities of your online competitors to identify areas of strength and weakness. This is going back to running a SWOT analysis.
  7. Security and Privacy: Make sure you’re compliant with data privacy regulations (GDPR or CCPA).

Content Strategy

For your content marketing plan you need to generate ideas and have valuable tips. You social media posts is like a competitive analysis because your consumer is going to listen to the brands that provide the most value. This is a major part of your personal marketing plan template because marketing channels are how people connect, learn, and build sustainable tribes who later then become customers for your personal brand.

Digital marketing wouldn’t be anything without social media. Platform’s like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok have taken the world by storm so this is why it’s essential for you to have social media be apart of your personal marketing plan template. Your content marketing strategy will involve you creating a content calendar. Essentially you will need an ultimate guide when it comes to your content marketing pan.

Start by creating your content pillars. Content pillars are the main topics you cover within your brand. For example I could be a travel and lifestyle vlogger. My content pillars could be travel, food, and wellness. Not only could you continually have blog post, you could post 2 YouTube videos a week circulating between travel, food and wellness. You content pillars are the heart of your marketing strategy, so be sure to create those before creating content.

Networking Strategy

This marketing strategy is essential. Networking is at the heart of every strategy simply because building a business is all about connecting with likeminded individuals and connecting with the audience you’re trying to serve. Networking allows you to get to know what your audience likes and what they dislike. You can think of networking as having a best friend.

The more you put yourself and your business out there, the more likely you will run into the people you’re trying to serve. New business owners tend to over think networking. Networking simply involves communicating effectively.

Let me put it to you this way. If you’re a 10 out of 10 at the technical side of your business (the products and services you offer), but you’re only, let’s say a 3 out of 10 at communicating no one will be interested in your business! This is why networking is an essential part of your business plan.

Networking should involve yourself and others speaking to the general community about your job position or company. If you never attended networking events here are some tips and tricks to build your communication skills and attract your target market.

Prepare your elevator pitch: Write down a 30 second pitch on your business. This should include what your offer is, who your offer is for and what the overall mission of your business is.

Bring business cards: Bring business cards so that way people have something to remember you by. A lot of people nowadays will have digital business cards so that way people are directed right to their company’s website and other important landing pages.

Active listening: This is a big one. Be sure to listen carefully so you can respond appropriately. People are drawn to others who genuinely care about the things they’re saying. Follow up with good questions. These questions will ensure you leave a great impression.

Follow Up: Message the people you meet at these events a couple days later. Make sure you’re staying in contact so you can move forward effectively.

Personal Website/Portfolio

You obviously know this one, but just to reiterate having a website and/or portfolio is a must. Ensuring you have a website within your personal marketing plan template will give you the best chance to build a brand that resonates with your target audience.

Below I added some photos and web links to websites that do a great job at conveying their message and strengthening their brand.

Social Media Plan

The best way to develop a social media marketing plan would be to do it on a quarterly basis. A content calendar will be necessary. A content calendar will benefit your business by ensuring all of your content creation efforts are organized and time managed. You can always purchase a social media content calendar or create one yourself.

Your content calendar should include a strategy that outlines topics, themes, and types of content you’re going to be creating. You also need to know what platforms you’re going to use. Be easy on yourself, especially if you’re a beginner. Choosing only one or two social media platforms is a great start. Remember, at the end of the day social media is only a part of your marketing strategy.

I want you to think about it this way. You will never own these followers. Any one of these platforms can have a blackout or worse you could get hacked. You will only own your followers if you obtain their email address.

Email Marketing

Which leads me to my next point. Email marketing is an essential part of your personal marketing plan template because, again, these are followers that you will own forever (unless your audience changes their email address which doesn’t typically happen too often).

So what is email marketing and why does it have to be apart of your personal marketing plan template? Email marketing is what aids the customer journey. This is how your audience will get warmed up to what your business has to offer.

This is where your business can be it’s most pure authentic self. Have a fun tone of voice, tell your audience interesting stories, the list can go on. The end goal is to build a connection between your consumer and your brand.

Professional Development

Professional development is apart of your personal marketing plan template because your business is always going to be evolving. What skills do you need to improve do you need to take any courses to advance your skills? Your brand is only going to be as good as yourself.

Investing in yourself cannot be overlooked. You must always be improving yourself to improve your brand. This is an essential part of your personal marketing plan template.

Metrics and KPIs

You have to learn how to track metrics and KPIs. KPIs are key performance indicators that identify what is preforming well in your business and what can be improved on.

Budget and Resources

You will need to financially invest in your business. In the personal marketing plan template we talk about ways to budget within your business plan.

Timeline and Action Steps

Then to end off our personal marketing plan template we will talk about timeline and action steps.

How Can Creating A Personal Marketing Plan Template Benefit My Business Plan?

Now you know, but just to summarize it, creating a personal marketing plan template will allow you to make the right calculations within your business and make your over all business plans based off of your consumer and not your own ideas. Business comes down to serving others. I hope you enjoy creating your personal marketing plan and I hope this template brings you a ton of value.

Wrapping Up

So why should you listen to me? The big question. Well at 23 I sold my first marketing package which was $20,000 in total. Since then I have grown a successful marketing agency with my partner then had the amazing idea to step away and build another business teaching faith-based female entrepreneurs how to build a successful and profitable online business. So yeah, that’s about it. If you found any value be sure to check out The Commendable Kind and follow along. We’re just getting started!

How do I write a marketing plan for myself?

You can write a marketing plan by following the template we provided.

What is an example of personal marketing?

A example of personal marketing would be would be the 15 steps listed out.

What are the 7 elements of a marketing plan?

Executive summary, situation analysis (SWOT), marketing objectives, target market and customer segmentation, marketing strategies and tactics, budget and resource allocation, measurement and metrics.

How do you make a mini marketing plan?

You first define your objectives, know your target audience, understand your budget, choose what channels you want to use, develop key messages and create a timeline.

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