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Build, Scale, & Monetize Your Christian Coaching Business

This is the market for Christian coaches (and other Christian business owners) struggling to grow their online businesses. If that’s you, you’re in the right place. If you don’t know anything about growing your business or marketing The Christian Coach Market is your one stop shop to build, scale, and monetize your business correctly. 

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Start that Business God is Calling You to Lead

This could be your reality next year if you work hard and follow The Christian Coach Market Curriculum. All you need to know is the fundamentals of marketing which isn’t hard to master at all. Once you understand the basics, you will automate most of your daily work so you can focus on reaching out and connecting with the people God has called you to serve.  

Examples of online marketing for Christian women

The Christian Coach Market

Designed to help Christian women like you build, scale, and obtain profitability in your business. But let’s be honest, profitability isn’t the end all be all. This course is designed to help you work with the people God has called you to serve.

I don’t even know where to start, I went from having no knowledge about marketing to making over $5,000

several months after I implemented everything I learned from the course.

Zara R.

I was able to quit my day job after 8 months of finishing The Christian Coach Market!

Grew my email list to over 10,000 subscribers and now have a waitlist of over 500 people, this course has changed my life.

Gabi H.

You’ll learn how to:
what’s included:
module 01:

Mindset Mastery

This is where we will set the tone for your entire business journey. We dive into your mindset; how you need to think when running your own business.

module 02:

Your Target Audience

We will dive into the psychology of your target audience and figure out ways in which you can connect and resonate with them – leaving you with the best change of growing your online presence. 

module 03:

Brand Idenitiy

We will dive into your brand voice, mission, and vision. We also will create your brand toolkit so you can have consistency across all of your social media.

module 04:


We will dive into what traffic is and how you can obtain it other than just posting on social media and hoping to connect with your audience that way.

module 05:

Your Content Strategy

This is where we will be diving into ways in which you can start connecting with your market so you can become a thought leader in your space. 

module 06:

Your Website Toolkit

This is where we will be designing your site, but not just any site, this website is fully customizable so you can have more control over your online presence. 

module 07:


This is where you learn how to automate your entire business so you can focus on creating valuable content, services, and products for your market instead of being the “marketer” yourself. 

I’ve taken many courses before, but none have had such a direct impact on my business like this one. 

Implementing the strategies taught here led to me getting my first ever sale!


Before taking this course, I struggled to find my audience. After taking The Christian Coach Market…

I not only found my ideal clients but also saw a 300% boost in engagement on my social media platforms.


but that’s not all…


bonus one

20% off FaithFuel

FaithFuel Marketing Group was designed for business owners just like you. The inevitable truth is when you grow in your business so do your marketing investments, but at FaithFuel we only work with Christians whose aim is to spread the good news. 

(value $280)

bonus two

Christian Coaching Toolkit

Gain access to The Commendable Kind’s Christian Coaching Toolkit. Although you already are equipped we want to give you more resources to strengthen your skills as a Christian Coach. 

(value $160)

bonus three

FB & IG (Meta) Ads Training

Ad’s can be very expensive, especially when you don’t know how to run them properly. We dive into how to run your ads correctly for the best return on investment in your business. 

(value $800)

bonus four

Press Publication on TCK

Press is an inevitable part of growing your online business. Hit the ground running with a press publication on The Commendable Kind’s website. 

(value $297)

bonus five

Automated Organic Instagram Growth

Manually growing your account takes up too much time. Spend less on social media while getting more done. This bonus will inevitably help you gain tons of organic followers on a month to month basis.

(value $1,597)

bonus six

Build Your Dream Team on a Budget

Building a team is a part of growing a healthy business. We teach you how to outsource certain parts of your business so you can gain the exposure you need to start attracting the right types of people into your company. 

(value $997)

bonus seven

Lifetime Access & Updates

As we continue to update the course, you will be able to come back and continue to learn for years to come. Marketing is always changing with new trends, systems, and software being brought to market. The Christian Coach Market ensures you will always be up to date on everything new. 

(value $997)

I was skeptical at first, but after completing the course, I’m now a believer! 

The strategies taught here helped me grow my email list from zero to 1,500 subscribers within a month.


This course exceeded my expectations! With the step-by-step guidance provided…

I was able to optimize my sales funnel and achieve a 200% increase in sales within just four weeks after taking the course!


As a Christian business owner, this course aligned perfectly with my values. Not only did it equip me with effective marketing techniques…

but it also helped me integrate faith-based principles into my business, resulting in a 75% growth in my profits!


Examples of online marketing for Christian women

Total Value: $13,472

Regular Price: $3,997

Today’s Price: $1,997

4 payments of $499 / 6 payments of $332

After the course I drove over 10,000 people to my website…

and to this day I have over 40,000 monthly visitors coming to my website each month!

Trisha W.

you asked we answered


Is this course only for Christian coaches?

No it’s not! This course is PERFECT for other types of Christian business owners. The strategies are universal regardless what structure your business is! 


Is there a payment plan?

Yes, at the moment we only accept PayPal which allows you to do 2 different types of payment plans. 1 is a 4 payment plan / 2nd is a 6 month payment plan. Keep in mind you have to qualify for the 6 month payment plan. 


Do I need to have any prior business or marketing knowledge?

Absoutely NOT! 🙂 This course is designed to help you go from 0 knowledge about marketing to being able to run a profitable online business! 


Is this a ‘get rich quick’ course?

No, no, no you’re going to have to put in the work. Every entrepreneur is so different! Some people have success within a year while it takes other’s multiple years. It comes down to your work ethic and financial resources.


Will their be support / someone to speak with if I need assistance with anything?

Yes! You will be able to email support@thecommendablekind.com and we guarantee to get back to you within 24 hours! 🙂


How will The Christian Coach Market help me integrate my faith into my business?

The first several lessons deep dive into the foundation, which is Jesus Christ. We work on framing your mind and deep diving into biblical principles that need to be carried, practiced, and stewarded throughout the entire course… and even after! 


What if I don’t have a clear business idea yet? Will this course still be beneficial for me?

Absolutely! You can take The Christian Coach Market course even if you don’t have a business idea yet. This course focuses on the technical aspects of starting a business and emphasizes aligning your entrepreneurial endeavors with the word of God.


Will the course content be updated regularly to keep up with the latest trends and best practices?

Yes! We update the course annually to incorporate the latest marketing technologies, strategies, and trends. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that you receive the most current and relevant information, equipping you with cutting-edge tools and insights to effectively grow your business in today’s dynamic market landscape.

Since enrolling in the Christian Coach Market course, I’ve seen steady growth in my business month after month. 

It’s the best investment I’ve made for my business!

Anna R.

While we are confident that you will find immense value in The Christian Coach Market course, we understand the importance of peace of mind when making an investment. Therefore, to ensure that you feel completely secure and free from risk, we offer a comprehensive refund option. This way, you can embark on your journey with us, knowing that you have the flexibility to reconsider your decision without any financial pressure. Our primary goal is to support your growth and satisfaction, and we believe this option underscores our commitment to your success and well-being.

I never knew marketing could be so aligned with my Christian values until I took this course. 

It’s not just about profits; it’s about building a business with integrity and purpose and that’s exactly what The Christian Coach Market did for me.

Ingrid B.

Examples of online marketing for Christian women

Total Value: $13,472

Regular Price: $3,997

Today’s Price: $1,997

4 payments of $499 / 6 payments of $332

Finally, a course that understands the unique challenges of being a Christian entrepreneur! 

The strategies taught here are practical, effective, and rooted in faith.


I was struggling to make my business profitable until I found the Christian Coach Market course. 

It’s like having a mentor who understands both business and faith guiding you every step of the way.

Chiara A.

I’ve taken other business courses before, but none have been as impactful as this one. 

The Christian Coach Market course gave me the tools and confidence to take my business to the next level.