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Tons Of Resources

Still rooted in Christian principles you will gain access to tons of resources that will help your business grow. This is perfect if you don’t know much about marketing and need some extra guidance. 

Access to our CBO accelerator program

CBO Accelerator program is being designed for women like you who are looking to grow faster and with less mistakes. 

Exclusive Videos

You will gain access to exclusive videos that you won’t find on The Commendable Kind YouTube channel. These videos dive into more topics and give you even more value on how to start your business. 

This is a life changing experience. Getting free coaching really changes the game. 

You won’t find free coaching anywhere else. So when I saw this opportunity I jumped on it! 


The exclusive videos provide invaluable insights and the free weekly business coaching has guided me through challenges.

The abundance of free resources has become my go-to toolkit for success.

Sarah Abernathy

If you want to:

sell more in your business

Maybe you’re new to business altogether and haven’t sold anything within your business. This is the chance to learn everything you need to make sales happen in your company. 

drive traffic to your business

Maybe you struggle with getting enough people to your online presence. This alone can take some time so making sure you understand how to get this process started is imparitive. 

grow your email list

Maybe you’re looking to own your following. This doesn’t happen through platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This happens through your email list giving you a chance to connect and nurture your subscribers. 

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